Emily Skinner - Founder Interlace Network

Emily is wearing Georgia Hardinge, a Member of INTERLACE who features and provides unique offers for Members on her fashion brand. 

Our Story

INTERLACE was created through the love of helping and connecting people. Emily Skinner, creator of the private network, headed to Asia following her degree with a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. Five years later, through working in event management and travelling around Asia, she had built a life and a network of long-standing friends and contacts – many of whom she is still very much in contact with today.

Following her return to London, Emily continued in the events sphere working for a leading UK-based global business intelligence and information security consultancy, where she became Head of Events and managed all Senior Advisors – Politicians and Former Intelligence figures. This led Emily to set up her own events company where she organised both corporate and private events, including weddings – her network was continuously expanding on a global level.

After eight years in London, Emily bases herself between the UK and Asia, visiting different cities around the world to help expand what she hopes will become a unique and essential trusted network for her fellow members to connect with other members to help enrich their business or personal lifestyle.