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Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you have not already been personally invited in as a Founding Member, please go to the JOIN THE NETWORK page and request to JOIN THE NETWORK – you must have details to hand of an existing member who can vouch for you, this includes their:

  • First name
  • Second name
  • Email address (please make sure it’s the address they use for INTERLACE website).

Alternatively, you can ask the existing member to head to JOIN THE NETWORK page and fill in the RECOMMEND A NEW MEMBER form.

Please visit the Recommend a New Member page – this will provide a short form. Please fill in all the necessary details about the person you wish to recommend and send to the INTERLACE team to review. Please make sure that you have permission from the individual you are recommending to share their contact details with us.

There is no joining fee and no monthly subscription.

1. Posting an Advert

Prices vary, depending on how long you wish to feature on the website: 6 months or 12 months and depending on your Category. Prices vary from £75 to £125 per advert (a special offer is currently provided for launch and will last until end of October 2023).

2. Commission
Depending on the type of Post, a commission fee applies. We aim to be lower than any agency fees.
For the full breakdown of pricing + commission fees, please LOGIN and click on ‘Create Post’.
Not a Member? Please go to JOIN THE NETWORK page to request to become a member of INTERLACE. You must have an Existing Member who can vouch for you and have their permission.
To view all Posts you must be a Member. Members please LOGIN, then click on View Posts on your Members Dashboard.
Once a Member, you will also receive the latest Posts added to the platform, sent once a week to your inbox.
Not a Member? Please go to JOIN THE NETWORK page to request to become a Member. 
A posting is an advert.

You must be a Member to Post. Please LOGIN and go to the ‘Posting & Pricing’ page on your
Members Dashboard OR go to ‘Create Post’,  choose the right price plan for your Post and click on it to follow next
steps. Any questions related to Posting & Pricing, please write to us at the email below and we can assist with your the next steps.

If you can’t find the right question you are looking for, please email us info@interlacenetwork.com to help with your query.