Over time INTERLACE Network will grow to include additional benefits, features and tools that best allow you to reach out to a large, private, trusted network for all of your advert needs.

Interlace FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you have not already been personally invited in as a Founding Member, please go to the JOIN THE NETWORK page and request to JOIN THE NETWORK – you must have details to hand of an existing member who can vouch for you, this includes their:

  • First name
  • Second name
  • Email address (please make sure it’s the address they use for INTERLACE website).

Alternatively, you can ask the existing member to head to JOIN THE NETWORK page and fill in the RECOMMEND A NEW MEMBER form.

One of two ways:
1. Visit the Recommend a New Member page – this will provide a short form. Please fill in all the necessary details about the person you wish to recommend and send to the INTERLACE team to review. Please make sure that you have permission from the individual you are recommending to share their contact details with us.

2. Email Emily Skinner with the full name and contact details of the person you wish to recommend, as well as the reason/s why they could benefit from the network.

Is it because there is a post that you know they would be interested in – a house for sale, a room to rent, a job posted? OR they themselves have posts they wish to create and share with us?

“The more detail, the more it helps us and the potential new member to progress to the next stage of vetting and you closer to earning commission on any sales they make through their postings.”

There is no joining fee and no monthly subscription.

1. Prices of Posts vary (HK$350 – HK$1150) depending on how long you wish your Post to feature on the website: 12 weeks, 6 months or 12 months and whether its a personal, business or post for a start-up. 

1. Depending on the type of Post, a commission may be put in place and agreed between you and Emily prior to the Post being shared to the Network.
For the full breakdown of pricing, please LOGIN and click on the Posting & Pricing box on your members dashboard. Not a Member? Please go to JOIN THE NETWORK page to request to become a member of INTERLACE.

Once a Member, you can choose what type of Posts are sent to your inbox. To confirm your chosen categories, please LOGIN and click on My Profile on your Members dashboard. Please tick the boxes of the categories of Posts you wish to be sent to your inbox. This will notify the INTERLACE team and update your settings.

To view all Posts you must be a Member. Members please LOGIN, then click on View Posts on your members dashboard.
Not a Member? Please go to JOIN THE NETWORK page to request to become a member. 
Once a Member, you will also receive Posts from your chosen categories to your inbox and be able to LOGIN to view all Posts online.
A posting is an advert.
Founding Members are those who have been personally invited in by Emily Skinner for the soft launch of INTERLACE Network on 11th March 2020. Those who are invited in after the launch are referred to as New INTERLACE Members.

You must be a Member to Post. Please LOGIN and go to the Posting & Pricing page on your
Members dashboard, choose the right price plan for your Post and click on it to follow next
steps. Any questions related to Posting & Pricing, please write to Emily who will be able to
respond via email and assist in the next steps.

If you can’t find the right question you are looking for, please click here to email Emily, to help with your query.