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The high tops to turn heads. Originally just designed for men by Innu London now are unisex, it seems no one wants to miss out on having these treads striding around the worlds playground. The uniqueness for this brand is not only that they are made for pure comfort and to last a lifetime, but they have powers too… the gold zippers and gold snake logos are actually thickly gold plated on all the shoes. Gold has great properties for healing the heart, throat, crown chakra and helps with the opening of the third eye, also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Gold has a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations in aid of healing the body. The designer has actually been through kundalini in the last year and has put the energy into all the items made, for strength, abundance and positivity. All items have been carefully handmade with love, care and attention.

You may select your favourite colours and have these made to order. You may also like to have your initials on gold on your shoes too for your own uniqueness. As the example in the picture.

These pictures show full white and the blue/gold colours. The leathers are real python and crocodile print leather. If you wish for other colours just ask and we will deliver.

These shoes are made to order in the size and colour you wish to have them. The price starts from a mere £350 let your healing luxury begin and start to take smiling positive steps to new beginnings. If you need more healing energies in the shoes do not hesitate to ask.


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