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Emily Skinner - Founder Interlace Network

Our Story

INTERLACE was created through the love of helping and connecting people. Emily Skinner, founded this unique and essential trusted network to help members connect with each other for the purpose of enriching their businesses or personal lifestyle.

Recommend a new member, they achieve a sale
and you receive an introduction fee.


Over time INTERLACE Network will grow to include additional benefits, features and tools that best allow you to reach out to a large, private, trusted network for all of your advert needs.
Introduction fee

Introduction Fees

Recommend new members and receive introduction fees
through sales or choose to give to your chosen charity.



No joining fees
No monthly subscription

Connect with members

Connect With Members

Increase your business and
personal network globally

Avoid Agency Fees

Avoid Agency Fees

Through any sales you make


To a global network
Expanding by word of mouth


From fellow members business services and products

We Only Ask A Few Things From Our Members…



Members come to us because we are a discreet network. We understand you may want to discuss content with non-members to make recommendations for INTERLACE and we would politely ask for your discretion. Thank you so much!


Recommend New Members

We would like to see everyone benefit from the use of the network - if you link a new member to expand the network, you will receive an introduction fee from INTERLACE when the new member is successfully invited in and makes a sale through the network.


A Commission For INTERLACE

Being a start-up, we would kindly ask that we agree a commission (prior to an advert being released) on any sales that go through the network – with the aim to always be lower than any agency fees.



We encourage those offering their business services and products on INTERLACE to offer discounts to their fellow members so again, everyone is always benefitting from the network.

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