Made to Order, Bespoke IKAT jacket and shorts available:

Made to Order Art Jackets

Bali, Indonesia 

  • Connect with Rebecca
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  • Send your measurements
  • Each piece takes 3 weeks
  • Ships worldwide 
  • N.B. 5 pieces are made a month, so please take into account there might be a waiting list.

IKAT Bespoke Art Jackets

Introducing our wearable art bespoke Ikat jackets.

Each jacket is One Of A Kind, representing and supporting stories of indigenous communities from the remote islands of Sumba with intricate detailing in collaboration with our Balinese Master carvers and tailors.

It takes over 52 steps to create one naturally dyed ikat textile as it takes a whole community over the course of a year to create one textile. Due to the vulnerability and remoteness of the communities ikat sales and livelihood support is scarce. With the help of our local partners in Indonesia we have been able to source, support and bring you some mesmerising textiles translated into wearable art pieces. Each textile tells a story of the community and their indigenous wisdom and beliefs that we can all learn from.

How to Order:

Click, ‘Connect with Rebecca’

Discuss with Rebecca your chosen textile of choice

Provide your measurements and delivery address

Please note that 5 pieces are made a month, so you could be added to a waiting list for your bespoke design

Once ready to make, please allow 3 weeks to make and be delivered to your door

Rebecca ships worldwide.





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