Investment Opportunity to help clear our waters

Ancona, Italy

  • Designed by CPN shipyard
  • Boats designed to:
  • Collect: solid floating and
    semi- submerged waste
  • Oxygenates: water reducing the
    iridescence from hydrocarbons
  • Extinguishes: fires thanks to
    powerful motor pump
  • Collects: and separates
    waste polluting liquids


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Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, of which the majority spills out from rivers. If no action is taken, the plastic will increasingly impact our ecosystems, health, and economies.

To solve it, we not only need to stop more plastic from flowing into the ocean, but also clean up what is already out there.

The Italian CPN shipyard designed and built KELA, a boat to rid the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes of plastic.



Marine pollution is a growing problem in today’s world and it results in damage to the environment, to the health of all organisms, and to economic structures worldwide.

Marine trash encompasses all manufactured products and chemical substances that end up in the ocean, 80 percent of which comes from sources on land.

Common types of marine debris include plastic items such as shopping bags and beverage bottles.

Plastic waste is particularly problematic as a pollutant because it is so long-lasting and it can take hundreds of years to decompose.

This trash poses dangers to both humans and animals. Under the influence of solar UV radiation, wind, currents and other natural factors, plastic breaks down into microplastics (particles smaller than 5 mm) and their small size makes them easy for marine life to ingest accidentally.

As a consequence, when small organisms that consume microplastics are eaten by larger animals, the toxic chemicals then become part of their tissues.

In this way, the microplastic pollution migrates up the food chain, eventually becoming part of the food that humans.



KELA is an ecological boat for cleaning water mirrors, a project %100 Italian from the shipyard C.P.N., a leading company in the construction of work boats.

The KELA idea stems from the need to innovate dedicated work boats to the collection of solid floating, semi submerged and oily waste in the mirrors waters.

A valuable, true, profound innovation that involved work artisanal and highly specialized shipbuilding, through the redesign of all technological components and the use of materials and products that make the KELA an efficient and ecological boat, thanks to its really minimal impact on the ecosystem.

Features that make the KELA one of a kind example of intelligent and sensitive technology, fully consistent with the activity in defence of the sea for which it was designed.



  • Collects: solid floating and
    semi- submerged
  • Oxygenates: water reducing the
    iridescence from
  • Extinguishes: fires thanks to
    powerful motor
  • Collects and separates:
    waste polluting liquids



Recycled Aluminium

100 % recycled aluminium is the material used to make the innovative KELA boat thanks to its lightness, impact and corrosion resistance, durability, nonmagnetic and recyclable material.

Biodegradable Fluid 

Biodegradable hydraulic fluid vegetable based that comes used in automatisms. Matrol-Bi is the last frontier of Novamont research, the company Italian leader in the sector of green chemistry.

Photovoltaic Panels 

Panels are placed on the roof photovoltaic (tot. 800 W) for the recharges batteries with engine o and, in operation, to feed auxiliary electrical services and the cabin air conditioning.



C.P.N. s.r.l. was born on 1999 and it is registered as Shipyard since 2007. It operates both by its own resources and by coordinating and cooperating along with associated contractors, enhancing the workers and stimulating economic and productive activities of linked industries.

The production site is located in the harbour industrial zone of Ancona, in the Marche region, with four production units equipped with all facilities, for a total amount of 9.200 square meters of covered surface.

C.P.N. s.r.l., through its strong production capabilities, designs and builds large metal structural work and boats of even large dimensions.

In the yachting industry, it provides cut and shaped metal sheet as well as all stainless steel parts, including the one of the hull in mirror polished steel devoted to fitting out, such as fairleads, bollards, railings and anchors.

It builds and installs systems in general: hydraulic systems; pipes in steel, stainless steel, Pvc and CuNi both naval and industrial, all types of sketch pipes.

It got several standard certifications for the quality requirements that are applied to the fusion welding of  metallic materials both in the mechanic’s workshop and in the construction site.

C.P.N. s.r.l. the customer portfolio includes the main Italian manufacturers in the mega yacht sector, such as Ferretti Group (Pershing, Riva, CRN) and Cantiere delle Marche Srl, as well as the well known Shipyards as Fincantieri S.p.a. e Rosetti Marino S.p.a.


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