The Property sits on 110 hectares of land in Bali, Indonesia
Collaborate with current owners Hotel property 18 hole golf course Panoramic ocean views 110 hectares of land Bali, Indonesia Invest in future design plans and land

The Property sits on 110 hectares of land in Bali, Indonesia

In an exclusive spot in Bali, Indonesia, there is an opportunity to collaborate with the current owners of an ocean front hotel property and transform the property into an exclusive, luxury resort. The current property sits on 110 hectares of land.

The land has huge scope and fantastic potential for an ultra-luxury resort and golf course that could also provide the opportunity for people to stay and/or invest in their own private residence, giving them access to an exclusive 18-hole golf course with unique landscaping and panoramic ocean views.


A converted destination for world-wandering surfers since the 1950s. Bali has transformed into one of the worlds leading tourist destinations. A perfect blend of cultural and natural beauty. Bali is the island of choice for millions of visitors every year. The future plans for the resort has vast potential to elevate tourists Bali experience within high end luxury.

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