Private Online Science and English Tutor

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Bali, Indonesia

  • Science and English Tutor
  • 11+, 13+ and GCSE
  • Asia students – available anytime during the day
  • UK clients – available 9am to midday UK timeframe

Davina is a private online Science and English tutor. Her key age groups are 11+, 13+ and GCSE. Davina is based in Bali, so she can see Asian clients at any time during the day. For UK clients, she can offer the 9am to midday UKT timeframe. By working with Davina via INTERLACE, rather than via UK or Asian tutoring agencies, INTERLACE members will receive a reduced/special rate.

“Davina has been tutoring for over 10 years and has tutored for all the top London tutoring agencies. For more detail on her experience and approach, please see her tutor profile at Keystone Tutors:

”Davina has been working with my clients for the last three years, and I would not hesitate to refer to her as one of my star tutors. She understands how to explain a subject to students, and helps them to develop excellent revision strategies. An excellent tutor, I would recommend her to anyone who wants their child to deepen their knowledge of a subject and develop good learning habits.” ~ Director, Educational Consultancy and School Placement Service

”Davina helped my son enormously through online lessons in the six months prior to his IGCSEs. She focused on problem areas in both chemistry, physics and biology, and provided thorough notes after each lesson which were very useful for revision. His weekly sessions with Davina were a great confidence boost and helped him secure an A* for biology and As for both chemistry and physics – thank you Davina.” ~ Mother, Tokyo

“I just had a lesson with my new science tutor, Davina, I think it went very well. I think she’s very good and this morning our lesson was very productive and helpful. I feel a lot happier and confident with my revision for science now and I think she’s going to help a lot. So all good news!” ~ GCSE Science student

“You are a very good Physics tutor. I think you’re the best one I’ve ever had.” ~ GCSE Physics student

“Oscar really enjoyed the class and immediately asked to have more sessions! Hearing him describe English as ‘fun’ for the first time was super” ~ Mother of Year 5 English student


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