Wherever in the world you can tune into Miki's highly recommended Reiki programmes or have one on one sessions.

Bali Indonesia 

  • Energy healing
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety through touch
  • Improves flow and energy through your body
  • Online programme
  • Date for the programme starts: 22nd January 2021 and lasts for 16 days.
  • One on one sessions

Miki comes highly recommended. When you meet her, face to face or online, you instantly feel relaxed. Miki prides herself in having clients in other locations other than Bali from UK, Australia and Singapore.

If you would like to understand more about Miki and her services, feel free to Connect with her to decipher what service would be best suited to you and your needs.

Miki would also like to share her Reiki Recharge Programme. Please note this is best suited to those who have practised Reiki before. If you are interested in the programme and not had Reiki sessions before, then Miki recommends 2 x one on one sessions before signing up to the Recharge programme.

Please see more detail about the programme below. Connect with Miki to learn more about Reiki and her work.

So what is it?

A 16-day online programme designed to Cleanse & Balance your chakras:

  • 3 LIVE Reiki Rituals on zoom (including heart attunement, Q&A, and guided Reiki meditation)
  • Every day a new 10 – 15 mins guided Reiki meditation is released – you can do it at a time that suits you
  • The focus changes every 2 days, e.g. Root chakra 2 days, then Sacral chakra 2 days, Solar Plexus chakra 2 days, etc.
  • Lots of additional tools, including reflection exercises, chakra cleansing recipes, yoga for your chakra, reiki techniques, and breathing exercises.
  • Date for the programme starts: 22nd January 2021 and lasts for 16 days.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who reads this and has been attuned to Reiki: from Level 1 to Master

Why should I join?

  • If you want to spring clean your chakra system and become balanced in mind, body, and spirit
  • If you want to re-establish your daily Reiki practice
  • If you want to create some ME time every day
  • If you want to meet a like-minded global Reiki community
  • If you want to go deeper in your personal and spiritual development

How much is it?


Who is the teacher/ Reiki Master?

If you don’t know me already, here is a brief bio. My name is Miki and I am a Reiki Master and Tantra Hatha yoga teacher. I have personally trained over 100 Reiki students, both adults and children, across all three levels. I teach both in-person and online, plus organise regular meet-ups including Hatha yoga classes, Reiki Rituals and Circles, healing meditations, and lots more.


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